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Baba Jaga by AiriKanda
Baba Jaga
Hey lovelies! :heart: Long time no see, I wish I could have posted anything cool sooner, but to be honest I wasn't really satisfied with my work recently. Therefore, I kept doodling and sketching by myself some stuff for practice without uploading the results. But now I've finally came up with something decent, so here's some fresh, new art for you guys at last! Please, bear with me and my struggles - I hope you like it! :love:

So, as some of you might know, I'm partially of Slavic origin and also really into Slavic culture and mythology. After stumbling across some really interesting stories and fairy tales I've encountered good old Baba Jaga, which some of you might already know as an evil, child-eating witch from Slavic horror stories. But did you know that there was more to her character than that? I certainly didn't, but found out really interesting ancient concepts that displayed Baba Jaga as a shapeshifting creature of the forest, a dark fairy of some sort or maybe even an ancient mother goddess of the land. I've even encountered the Maiden/Mother/Crone concept that many pagan and neopagan traditions have incorporated. So I thought to myself: Why not depict Baba Jaga pretty and young for once? :) Anyways, what do you guys think of the result? Do you like what I've did with the character? Did you know about the many aspects of this fairy tale character?

Oh, by the way, I'm really loving the new Subway to Sally record "Mitgift" right now, the line "Ad Mortem Festinamus" is a quote from one of their amazing new songs and means something like "We all hurry towards death" - I found both song and quote kind of suitable to this picture. :)

- Material: Manga Studio 5.0 EX, Wacom Intuos

- Time: ~6-7 hours

- Music:…

Artwork © Maja Vallazza



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Maja Vallazza
Artist | Professional
about me by mausuuu

Hey everybody! My name is Maja aka Airi Kanda and I am a freelance comic artist and illustrator, who is in love with dark art, loud music, misty forests and the smell of falling rain. I'm also a great movie and video game nerd and love ancient cultures and legends, especially those from Ancient Egypt, Greece, Persia and Japan.

At the moment, I'm mainly working on personal projects, but also take commissions and requests from time to time. Requests, commissions and critique from your side are always welcome, of course, so don't ever hesitate to message me, guys! I'm always keen on hearing your opinion, so stay tuned for lots of original comics and more - your feedback means the world to me!

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Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 20, 2014, 12:44 AM
Maja's Moments

Impressions, rants and infos about my life

Hey guys, how are you today? :heart: I was tagged by lovely :icondeuterium-h: to answer these questions here - so without further ado, let's start!

1. What was the best moment in your live?

That's a tough one, because I remember many. :) My best moments are probably those whenever I realize, how loved, blessed and happy I truly am. Life is great and I'm so glad that I can be a part of it. It might sound so dull and normal to some people out there, I'm sure, but life wasn't always enjoyable for me, so being in charge now and living my dreams is more than I could ever ask for. 

2. Where did you get to know your best friend?

On Twitter! I would have never presumed it to be possible, but we instantly (and literally) clicked then and there. It was amazing and certainly one of the best things that ever happened to me.

3. Which topic did you talk about most in the last week ?

Stressful university work and the heat, I guess. :XD: I'm usually not that obsessed with the weather, I promise, but last week it was terribly hot for a while, so I was literally melting all over the place ... But I kinda love summer, its bright days and clear, blue skies, so I wasn't really mad. Just a little drowsy and sweaty.

4. Do you watch/read/hear news?

Yes, all the time - it's my job. :) I work for a local newspaper.

5. If you are studying or have a job, why did you choose it? If you are still in school, what do you want to do?

I'm currently studying and have a job. I chose both, because I love language, reading, literature and journalism, so I desperately wanted to do something including that.

6. If you could change one thing in your live, what would it be?

I'd definitely change my drawing efficiency - I always want to draw and paint way more pictures than I have concentration or energy for. Changing that is something I work on a lot these days and hopefully I'll succeed in the future.

7. If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?

I would want people to have more tolerance and empathy. I'm sure that many deadly conflicts on this planet could be solved much easier, if people would listen to each other and feel more. Ignorance is the curse of our race. I'll never understand, why people have the constant need to hate each other for being different or also underestimate animals, because they think they have more right to life than them.

8. You are in a room without windows or doors only light by a lamp on the ceiling. All you have is a desk, a chair, some empty sheets of papers and a pen. What do you do?

If the room had a door, I'd probably take a seat and draw for a while, but a room without anything but a lamp, a desk and paper? I'd probably freak out big time! I'm claustrophobic.

9. Are you happy?

Yes, I am. :) Nowadays I'm fine.

10. How does your Utopia look like?

I don't think that a Utopia could possibly exist, since everything in existance can have flaws. But I'd probably wish for a more peaceful, tolerant world, where people are more aware of their feelings, thoughts and deeds. World peace is a cheesy thing to say, but I'd like to be as close to it as possible. Violent death and violent destruction (yes, destruction isn't always violent, think of aging or natural decay) should be limited to a minimum. We do have the potential to create such a world. I don't know, why we don't use it.

Okay, you guys, so as I know that most of you don't like to be tagged, I'll force no one! :) But if you like to take part in this anyway, please answer these questions here:

1. What is it that you cannot live without?

2. Do you believe in something higher, a divine force or deity/deities, are you spiritual or agnostic/atheist?

3. What's your favourite dessert?

4. Which country or culture are you most interested in?

5. If you could choose to live in any time period there was, which one would you pick?

6. Which languages do you speak?

7. What's your favourite movie/book genre?

8. Do you have a pet?

9. What are you afraid of?

10. Are you allergic to anything?

  • Mood: Cheerful
  • Listening to: Chorea Ramirez
  • Watching: Breaking Bad
  • Playing: Sims 3
  • Drinking: Water

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